Membership Information:

The Museum Exhibit Hall welcomes your membership. The annual membership of $50 helps support the work of the Exhibit Hall. As a member, you will receive a copy of the Polish American News, published six times each year, which features a wide variety of information on Polish American issues and activities. Print out and send in the membership form with your payment and you will receive your membership card and the most recent copy of the Polish American News immediately.

Your membership and donations support the following services:

1. The Cultural Center's Museum Exhibit Hall, located in the heart of historic Philadelphia, is open to the general public, admission-free, 300 days each year on a regular schedule. Of the more than one million tourists who seek out America's most historic square mile each year, thousands visit the Exhibit Hall and enjoy displays highlighting Polish history and the rich cultural heritage of the Polish people.

2. The Exhibit Hall welcomes tour groups and provides them with a narrated tour of the Museum.

3. The Exhibit Hall features both permanent collections as well as seasonal displays which celebrate treasured Polish holiday customs, commemorate events in Polish history, or honor great men and women of Polish descent who have made significant contributions to American or world history.

4. The Exhibit Hall makes information available to students and teachers working on projects highlighting Polish history and culture.

5. The Exhibit Hall prepares displays of Polish arts and crafts for special events at libraries, schools and other institutions. The Exhibit Hall also represents the Polish American community at public events where multi-cultural groups display the traditions and culture of their respective ethnic group.

6. The Exhibit Hall sponsors conferences, lectures, video presentations and other activities in recognition of significant cultural and historical contributions of Poles or Polish Americans.

7. The Exhibit Hall holds membership in a variety of museum associations which permits Polonia to be regularly represented both locally and nationally in activities featuring the contributions of diverse ethnic and racial groups.

8. The Exhibit Hall is also the coordinating headquarters for the Polish American Heritage Month Committee which annually helps unite organizations, churches and schools for a successful celebration during the month of October.

9. The Exhibit Hall serves as a central meeting place for groups and organizations working together to sponsor civic and cultural activities of significance to Polish Americans.

Polish American Cultural Center Museum

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