Chairman's Message

Michael Blichasz
National Chairman
Dear Members & Friends:

As the founder of Polish American Heritage Month and the chairman of this committee, I would like to thank everyone for their participation over the last 25 years. From the time I suggested the idea of a month-long Polish American Heritage Month celebration in Pennsylvania in 1981, this effort has been a rewarding one for me. I want to compliment the leadership of the Polish American Cultural Center and Polish American Congress, Eastern Pennsylvania District, for helping me get this idea off the ground and for joining forces with Polonia across Pennsylvania to make this effort a state-wide success. After five years of Heritage Month celebrations in Pennsylvania, the national leadership of the Polish American Congress, in 1986, joined with the Polish American Heritage Month Committee to expand this event to a national celebration of Polish history, culture and pride. Over the years Polish American organizations, churches, schools and individuals have become united in celebrating the history and culture of the Polish people and in publicly demonstrating Polonia’s unity, strength and pride.

The Polish American Heritage Month Committee, headquartered at the Polish American Cultural Center Museum at 308 Walnut Street in Historic Philadelphia, works closely with its participating groups, and the national affiliates of the Polish American Congress. Together, we work to unite everyone's efforts by providing information packets with ideas on sponsoring local celebrations, coloring and essay contests, and suggestions that highlight great men and women of Polish descent, as well as great moments in Polish history.

I also want to thank the leaders of the national Polish American fraternal organizations who help encourage the celebration of Polish American Heritage Month among their members and supporters through their newspapers and group representatives. Compliments also to the organizations, churches, schools, libraries and individuals who continue to work on this effort for the purpose of preserving Polish history and culture for future generations. I want to also thank the Polish American press and radio for helping get the word out about Polish American Heritage Month to the general public. Everyone's efforts are appreciated and very much needed. We live in an ever-changing time, and it is vital for ethnic groups in America to continue to highlight their individual heritage so the great mosaic of America remains vibrant.

On behalf of the members of the National Polish American Heritage Month Committee, I thank you for 25 years of cooperation and participation and urge everyone to continue sponsoring activities in your local community during October, Polish American Heritage Month.


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