"Polish American Heritage Month"

A National Celebration of Polish History, Culture and Pride in Cooperation

with the Polish American Congress and Polonia across America

Suggestions on How to Sponsor a Coloring Contest

1. Announce that your organization is sponsoring a coloring contest.
2. Announce to area schools that will be participating in your organization's coloring contest that the contest will begin on a specific date. Also announce that all entries will be collected on a specific date. (This allows the principal to inform teachers that there is a time line for the coloring contest.)
3. Objective - The objective of this coloring contest is to allow students to learn something about the history of Polish people and their contributions to the world.
4. Prize Notification - The committee should announce on each of the coloring contest forms the type of prizes that will be awarded, as well as the date and place of the award ceremony.
5. Prizes - This is an excellent opportunity for you to ask area businesses, banks and organizations to provide prizes for the winners. Prizes can be cash, savings bonds or other types of articles that would be appropriate.
Each year the national committee distributes a new coloring contest artwork. Copies are free and they can be reprinted by your local printer.
If the Polish American Heritage Month Committee can be of any further assistance to you, please contact us at the address or telephone number listed below.

Polish American Heritage Month Committee

Michael Blichasz, National Chairman

308 Walnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19106 - (215) 922-1700

Web: www.polishamericancenter.org

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