Polish Folk Dancers

Just as folk art in Poland is expressed in a multitude of ways, each district is represented by a different mode of dress. There are some fifty variant regional costumes. These costumes from the Krakow region are used in the popular dance called the Krakowiak, one of the five national dances of Poland.

The costumes in the area vary in their ornamentation and coloration from village to village. The basic cut and embroidery patterns are similar. The man’s costume consists of a sleeveless blue jacket with standing collar erected with red, yellow, and green embroidery, red tassels, and a shirt with full sleeves and leather belt with brass studs and rows jangling brass coins hung on the left side complete the attire. The bridal headdress of a groom is black skullcap dressed with pink and white flowers and peacock feathers for good luck. Men make their own belts with brass studs. The women wear brilliant vibrant colors. The velvet accented with sequins and silk tassels is the most striking. A brightly colored flowered skirt, a white blouse and apron adorned with embroidery and a beautiful wreath of flowers (wianek) complete the vest. Married women wear an embroidered kerchief or scarf on the head.

The Krakow costume is often worn during community celebrations in the United States of America.

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