Stefan Skielnik
2012 Pulaski Day Parade Military Marshal
On March 22, 2012, the City Council of Gdynia, Poland, the hometown of Stefan Skielnik, passed a resolution to name a street “Stefan Skielnik” in his honor, for all his services during the War and for Poland and the Polish American community.

Stefan Skielnik is a resident of Wilmington, DE. A veteran of World War II, he obtained the rank of Lieutenant and was decorated by the British Secretary of State and Polish Army for his wartime services.

For his services to the Polish American community and for outstanding efforts in promoting the acceptance of Poland in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Stefan was decorated by Poland’s President, Aleksander Kwasniewski. He also received a special award from the Minister of Defenses, Dr. Andrzej Karoszka, for his efforts in helping with the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Stefan Skielnik has been involved in a leadership position in many cultural and patriotic organizations in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and on a national level. He is a member of the Polish American Congress, Eastern PA District, Polish American Cultural Center Museum, in historic Philadelphia, and participates in the Philadelphia Pulaski Day Parade every year.

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