Some of the reasons why Polish Americans are outstanding
citizens of Pennsylvania and the United States of America
1. Polish Americans are a major asset to the State of Pennsylvania and every state where they live. They consistently pay their fair share of taxes including income, wage, business, sales, and many others, as well as local real estate taxes. These taxes make up a sizable portion of the revenue generated for municipal, state and federal government services.
2. They remain outstanding property owners who pride themselves with ongoing building maintenance, which in turn promotes real estate values and reduces crime.
3. They strive to maintain the communities where they live as clean, safe places, which in turn reduces law enforcement costs and adds to the quality of local communities.
4. They support educational alternatives for their children and the right of families to choose public, private or parochial schools. Very often, while increasing their own financial burdens, they select private and parochial schools, providing yet another tax reduction for taxpayers.
5. They support the mission of organizations like Polish American Social Services and others that assist the elderly and individuals of all ages within their own communities. This saves considerable expense in the delivery of social services, especially when assisting individuals with language barriers to self-sufficiency. Polish Americans represent a major portion of the tax base for municipal, state and federal governments and make considerable contributions to social, cultural and educational programs, which benefit the general population.
6. Polish Americans sponsor public events to promote positive publicity and goodwill for the communities where they live.

These are a few examples why Polish Americans are an important part of America and its tax base. When Polish Americans ask for something, the request should be a top priority to local, state and national elected officials. In reality, it is a portion of Polish American tax dollars that make state-wide services, national services and international grants possible in the first place.