Suggestions for School Groups


The following suggested program will provide an opportunity for the elders of the parish

to share a treasured Polish tradition with the children of the parish.

1) Set a date as soon as possible before or after Easter when the children and parish elders can gather in the parish hall.

2) The school children should assemble in the parish hall forty five minutes before their regular school lunch period. The program will not interfere with the children's normal lunch schedule.

3) A special table should be set aside with a complete display of all of the traditional items that are part of the Polish Easter custom, "Swieconka".

4) At each person's place setting there should be one half of an egg for use in the traditional celebration.

5) When the children have gathered in the parish hall, the parish priest begins the program by explaining exactly what the Polish tradition "Swieconka" is all about, explaining that this tradition has been part of the Polish Easter tradition for centuries. He explains how the Polish people welcomed the priest to their home to bless their Easter table or how they brought their Easter basket to the parish church for a blessing.

6) The priest then offers the blessing over the food, including the eggs at each place setting, and blesses all in attendance.

7) Then everyone eats the piece of the blessed egg and wishes everyone a Happy Easter.

8) Following the ceremony, the students who remain in the school for lunch can enjoy their lunch, and students who go home for lunch can leave at their regular lunch dismissal time.

The sharing of this beautiful Polish tradition with the elders of the parish is an excellent way to share a part of their heritage with the younger members of the parish.

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