Heating Assistance Programs in Philadelphia, PA

Besides the LIHEAP Program, there are other programs to help with your winter heating bills.

CRISIS - This is a part of the LIHEAP Program and is designed to get emergency help to those households when utility service is off or in danger of being shut-off. Grants up to $300 available if eligible. Customer must visit a Crisis center to apply unless LIHEAP application was already made and on file with the program.

UESF - This is the Utility Emergency Services Fund and it is designed to help with up to $500 in assistance for utility bills that are shut off or ready to be shut-off. This grant along with other assistance must reach a zero balance on the bill giving the customer a fresh start.

PGW’s CRP Program - this is the customer responsibility program and it helps low income customers keep their service on by paying a budget based on their income as well as possible discounts.

For more information about these programs and other programs to help with this winter’s heating bills call PASS at (215) 923-1900.

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