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The mission of the Polish American Cultural Center is to serve the varied social and cultural needs of Polish American and to promote public awareness and appreciation of Polish history and cultural heritage to as broad an audience as possible.

The mission of the Polish American Cultural Center's Museum Exhibit Hall is to provide programs and exhibits featuring the contribution of Poles and Polish Americans to U.S. and world history and culture in such areas as scientific, artistic, musical, political, religious and military achievements.


To promote programs that educate the public about the Polish American cultural experience.

To provide exhibits showcasing the artistic and cultural images and traditions of the Polish American community.

To integrate programs of social and civic service and cultural enrichment.

To serve as a clearinghouse and central meeting place for groups and organizations sponsoring civic and cultural activities and events of significance to Polish Americans.

To provide presentations for students on aspects of the Polish American experience.

To sponsor conferences, lectures, exhibits and other activities that will recognize the contributions of Polish Americans and thereby enhance Poles' sense of ethnic identity and self-respect.

To maintain an exhibit hall for housing both permanent and temporary exhibits featuring items which memorialize the Polish American cultural heritage.

To provide classrooms for English and Polish language instruction and citizenship classes.


Polish American Heritage Month:

Annually, the Polish American Cultural Center coordinates the national "Polish American Heritage Month" celebration during the month of October. The Center, in cooperation with the Polish American Congress and its affiliate groups, works to unite over 3,000 Polish American organizations, churches and schools across the nation. For information about Polish American Heritage Month, write or call the Center at 922-1700 during regular business hours for a complete packet of information.


Tours Welcome:

Groups visiting historic Philadelphia are invited to the Polish American Cultural Center's Exhibit Hall. Guided tours and a video on Poland are available for groups. For information contact the Center during regular business hours.


The Importance of Memorializing an Ethnic Cultural Heritage:

Personal pride and self-esteem are largely rooted in an understanding and appreciation of one's historical and ethnic past. There is no question that awareness of one's ethnic and cultural heritage can do much to uplift and enrich the human spirit.

America represents the world's unique, most extensive experiment in ethnic and racial coexistence. As Americans, we are certainly one and proud, yet we should also acknowledge the varying ethnic and cultural heritages of which we can also be proud.


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