PACE and PACENET (also referred to as PACE Plus)

Residents of Pennsylvania, who are 65 years of age or older, have an outstanding prescription medication plan PACE, the Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly. This program is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and funding for this program is provided by the Pennsylvania Lottery to help senior citizens pay for prescription medications.

There is also another level of the program called PACENET. This program is also funded by the Pennsylvania Lottery. Both of these programs are Medicare Part D approved and are considered creditable plans. With PACE, seniors only co-pay either $6.00 for generic meds or $9.00 for brand name meds. There are no deductibles or monthly premiums in PACE. With PACENET, seniors only co-pay $8.00 for generic meds or $15.00 for brand name meds. There is a monthly deductible or premium for this program of $26.59 for 2008. Under PACE and PACENET, your assets are not counted, only your annual income.

The two income levels of the program are as follows:

    PACE monthly annual
    one person $1,208 $14,500
    couple $1,475 $17,700

    PACENET max monthly income annual (range of income)
    one person $1,958 $14,500 to $23,500
    couple $2,625 $17,700 to $31,500

Since PACE and PACENET are working with Medicare Part D, the program is now also referred to as PACE PLUS. This only means that PACE and PACENET enrollees receive the same coverage that they received with PACE and PACENET, and their costs are the same or possibly lower. PASS' staff will be able to explain to seniors how these programs are working together.

For more information and assistance with an application, contact:

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