A Commemorative Stamp in Honor of
Lieutenant Colonel Matt Louis Urban (1919-1995)

A national campaign continues to request that the United States Postal Service issue a commemorative stamp in honor of Lt. Col. Matt Louis Urban.

Lt. Col. Urban has the distinction of being the most decorated combat soldier in United States history with 29 decorations, including seven Purple Hearts for injuries suffered in combat during World War II and the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest honor for members of the U. S. Armed Forces. Reader’s Digest called him “A One In A Million Soldier.” In 1989, the Guinness World Book of Records termed him “the greatest combat soldier ever.”

The Polish American Congress is urging everyone to join the campaign for a commemorative stamp to honor this national hero, a Polish American born in Buffalo, NY, and who was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery in March, 1995.

To receive petition forms and a detailed biography of Lt. Col. Urban call the Polish American Congress office at 308 Walnut Street in historic Philadelphia, 215-739-3408 or 215-922-1700. You may download a copy of this petition and have it signed by your family, friends and organizations. You can return the completed form to the Polish American Cultural Center Museum, which is listed on the form.

From now until the year 2005 (because United States Postal Service regulations require a ten year passage of time from the year of the honoree’s death before issuing a commemorative stamp), we Polish Americans need your support for this effort to perpetuate the memory of Lt. Col. Matt Urban, an American hero for the ages, a Polish American, and our brother.

Download a Petition for a Commemorative Stamp to Honor Lt. Col. Matt Urban